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Spray Tans

Spray Tans for Midland, TX & Odessa, TX

Spray tans are the easiest way to get flawless, sun-kissed skin without using powerful UV-rays. Our mystic tan formula is perfectly mixed beforehand to match your own unique complexion. There are no orange, streaky tans at Coconut Beach Tanning; only deep, dark golden hues that look just as natural as the real thing!

Whether you want to receive a nice base tan before your vacation, are planning on attending a wedding, prom, or other social function or you just want to look your very best, call Coconut Beach Tanning and schedule a spray tan. We guarantee you will love the results! Please read the following spray tan tips to get the best results possible.
Spray Tans Midland, TX
Spray Tans Odessa, TX

Tips from our tanning salon:

  • The night before you receive your spray tan, use a mild exfoliant to remove excess skin cells. This will allow the spray tan to stick and stay on your skin longer.
  • Remove any unwanted hair, since shaving with a spray tan can remove some of your color.
  • Come to your spray tan appointment with a clean face; that means no makeup, sunscreen, or lotion of any kind.
  • Decide what you wish to tan in; you can tan in a bathing suit, underwear, or nothing at all!
  • After you receive your tan, wait at least 10 hours before showering.
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